I Love My Pumice Stone

I needed a fix for my heels; they were dry and hard, and kind of painful. I have used lotion before; however, it was not cutting it this time around. My heels were cracked and rough, and needed some serious care. I was relayed through a buddy, to test out a pumice stone. You know, that rock that’s light and porous, produced from lava. I had tried it on toilets; it gets those hard water stains next to, but to use them on my small feet? I questioned the logic in this. Since http://skinperth.com.au needed something, I decided to attempt it.
Using pumice onto the skin looks like a crazy idea; however, it’s been around for quite a while. Pumice is usually a light brown or gray colored rock, filled with holes, and intensely light. It has many uses, however for me, it absolutely was for my feet. The pumice is made from magma that’s cooled quickly by water. This causes the molecules to never shape like they must creating pumice rock.
The pumice rock is employed getting rid of dead skin cells. However, remember it is a rock, it really is hard and course, however, if used correctly will result in soft, smooth skin about the calloused areas. The application of the stone must be done with a light but firm touch when signing up to the rough areas. Take care to be extra gentle when working with on sensitive areas of your epidermis, employing a lighter touch.
The pumice stone works well for the rough callous aspects of feet, mainly the heels as well as the balls of feet. Make sure feet are wet, and soaked not less than 5 minutes. It is easier if you are inside the bath tub or shower. The best way is always to lightly rub backwards and forwards, but firm. Do not rub too difficult, it is possible to affect your skin. In some cases it multiple time to get every one of the dead skin. After you are done, make certain and make use of an organic lotion or Vaseline on feet. Covering them with socks overnight will make your heels and feet smooth and callous free.

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